Prismatic Reading Group, 2022

This is a reading group on the absolute prismatic cohomology. The hope is to get some understanding of this paper.

The seminar meets on Thursdays 10:15am--12:00am at MPI.


1 April 14 H. Guo Overview
2 April 21 D. Gulotta Delta rings and prisms
3 April 28 A. Ivanov The Witt-Cartier stacks and its Hodge-Tate locus
4 May 5 H. Guo Complexes on the Hodge-Tate locus, Sen theory
5 May 12 I. Gleason Absolute and relative prismatic cohomology, crystalline comparison
6 May 19 M. Kubrak Diffracted Hodge cohomology, comparison with the q-de Rham complex
7 May 26 G. Andreychev Nygaard Filtration, de Rham comparison
8 June 9 B. Zavyalov Absolute Nygaard Filtration
9 June 16 E. Reinecke Prismatic logarithm
10 June 23 T. Solovera e Nery Etale and Crystalline First Chern classes
11 June 30 B. Heuer Syntomic First Chern Class
11 July 7 F. Zillinger Etale Comparison
12 July 15 K. Aoki Applications

Useful links:

[B] Lectures on Prismatic Cohomology, B. Bhatt
[BH] Absolute Prismatic Cohomology, B. Bhatt and J. Lurie
[BS] Prisms and Prismatic Cohomology, B. Bhatt and P. Scholze
[E] Course on Prismatic Cohomology, M. Emerton
[K] Notes on prismatic cohomology, K. Kedlaya